Hair Transplantation for Women

As we all know that hair for women is one of the most essential features in a women’s appearance. It gives women self-confidence and it is a way to present her femininity. And thick and long hair is a well-known beauty standard all around the world. Therefore losing it is properly one of the worst things that could happen to a woman.
Luckily, is this times we found a solution to this problem. And it will take the hair transplantation industry to a different level. In International PLUS we provide special treatment for our female clients and use specific ways that are tailored to the women’s hair. And the sex, race, hair color, and the reason for hair falling all are taken into consideration by our doctors.

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Woman Hair Transplant Before & After

International Plus Hair provides a well-rounded team of doctors and years of experience within the woman hair transplantation industry. For this reason, you will be more than satisfied with the services and results provided by – International Plus-

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What are the reasons that lead women to do hair transplantation?

Different factors cause hair falling for females and some of these factors are:
• Hormonal factors.
• Genetic issues.
• Scars from accidents or previous surgery.
• Alopecia.
International Plus doctors take every case into consideration and give a suitable treatment for every case they encounter. And we provide a pre-operation examination to ensure our patient’s health.

before hair transplantation operation

Hair transplantation is a precise operation since it’s done in a sensitive area which is the scalp and all the examinations related to the operation are taken by our doctors before the operation. Few guidelines should be followed by our clients to ensure the best results. Some of these guidelines are:

• Provide a list of all the medications that you consume to the doctors.
• Alcohol and cigarettes must be avoided in the week before the operation.
• Vitamins, Aspirin, and blood transfusions must be avoided in the week before the operation.
• Not shaving before the operation is recommended for the doctor to see the natural growth rate of the hair.

NOTE: Full head shaving is not needed in women’s hair transplantation.

During Woman Hair Transplant Operation

As mentioned above all the essential examinations that are crucial to the transplantation will be taken. After the anesthesia, the doctors will start by extracting grafts from the donor area which is usually the back of the head, above the neck, and between the ears. This procedure is done by FUE or SAPPHIRE techniques. Usually, grafts are taken based on the density of the donor area and the size of the balding area.

After Hair Transplant Operation

After the operation, the cultivated area will be washed by the doctors. And you will have red dots which are normal and it will fade away after a few days of the operation. And the post-operation care is important so here are guidelines that must be followed after the operation to ensure the best results:

  •  Avoid any pressure or contact with the cultivated area.
  •  Avoid sleeping on the cultivated area the three nights after the operation.
  •  The first week avoids any sport or high contact activity.
  • Avoid any shaving machines that are not approved by the doctor.
  • Avoid chemical products in the transplanted area.
  • Make sure that the cultivated area is clean.
  • During the first 40 days of the operation, it is recommended to use scissors instead of shaving machines.
  • First 20 days of the operation avoid sunlight as possible.
  • Medicines and care products described by the doctor after the operation should be used in the regular.

Important note: After the second week of the operation the hair will start to fall apart to make way for the new hair and it is a natural process and in a few days it will start to grow back and lasts forever.

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No, Full head shaving is not needed in women’s hair transplantation

Woman Hair Transplants are not a one-time procedure and can be done again with no problems.

No, after the hair transplantation the patient can go back to home or hotel with no problems.