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Deep Brain Stimulation

It is possible to get good results in many movement disorders, especially Parkinson's disease, with Deep Brain Stimulation treatment in Turkey.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure used to treat movement disorders associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD), essential tremor, dystonia and other neurological conditions.

Doctors may use DBS for movement disorders or neuropsychiatric conditions when medications become ineffective or their side effects interfere with a person’s daily activities. This method targets brain areas using implanted electrodes and electrical stimulation, so that a positive effect on the symptoms of the disease can be achieved.

Treatment aims to improve the patient’s quality of life and may be preferred, especially in cases where drug treatments are inadequate.

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Why Choose Us for Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

Deep Brain Stimulation in istanbul,Turkey

Conditions that can be treated with DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) include in Turkey:

  • Parkinson’s Disease: Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder caused by the loss of nerve cells. It typically includes symptoms such as tremors, muscle stiffness, limited movement and balance problems.
  • Essential Tremor: Essential Tremor is characterized by rhythmic tremors that occur at rest or during light activity. While it commonly affects hands and the head, it can also impact other areas of the body.
  • Dystonia: Dystonia is related to disorders of muscle control. Muscles can involuntarily contract, leading to sudden, repetitive movements or unusual postures. Dystonia can affect different regions of the body.
  • Other Neurological Conditions: DBS can also be used in the treatment of various other neurological conditions. These may include epilepsy, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and certain types of tremors.

Why Choose Us for Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

The advantages of health tourism in Turkey include:

  • Expert Doctors in Their Fields: Turkey is home to expert physicians recognized worldwide. In Turkey, the treatment of Parkinson’s is carried out by Prof. Dr. Ersoy KOCABIÇAK, who also serves as the president of the international benchmarking society for deep brain stimulation, dbssociety.org.
  • Advanced Technology: We pride ourselves on our state of the art medical equipment, ensuring that all procedures are conducted with precision and safety.
  • Comprehensive Care: From the first consultation to post surgical support, our approach to patient care is holistic and patient centered. We understand the intricacies of DBS and offer tailored support systems for each individual.
  • Competitive Cost: Istanbul presents a cost effective option for DBS without compromising on quality. Our pricing packages are transparent and inclusive of various services, making world class healthcare accessible.
  • Cultural Richness: Undergoing medical treatment abroad can be daunting, but Istanbul’s blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities provides a comforting backdrop for recovery.
  • Language Assistance: Communication is crucial and our multilingual staff ensure that language barriers do not impede understanding or comfort, providing translations and assistance wherever necessary.
  • Success Rates: Our dedication is mirrored in our success rates, with numerous patients experiencing significant improvements in their conditions.
What Are Deep Brain Stimulation

Advantages of Deep Brain Stimulation

  • Improving Movement Control: Deep Brain Stimulation enhances motor control in individuals with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, reduces tremors and alleviates muscle stiffness.
  • Quality of Life: Deep Brain Stimulation helps patients perform daily activities more independently, thereby improving the quality of life.
  • Dependence: This treatment aids in decreasing patients dependence on medications by complementing the effects of drugs and in some cases, allowing for reduced dosages.
  • Long term Efficacy: Deep Brain Stimulation is a method with proven long term efficacy, providing lasting relief for treated patients, which increases the sustainability of the treatment process.
Advantages of Deep Brain Stimulation

How Much Does Deep Brain Stimulation Cost?

When considering a complex procedure like Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), one of the immediate concerns is the cost involved. DBS involves high precision medical care and cutting edge technology, which can come with a significant price tag. However, in Istanbul, Turkey, the cost of this innovative treatment is often more affordable compared to other parts of the world, without compromising on quality.

When considering Deep Brain Stimulation in Istanbul, Turkey, it’s not only cost effective but also a wise choice due to the high standards of healthcare service and the use of advanced technology in Turkish medical centers. Always inquire about a detailed breakdown of costs before proceeding with the treatment to avoid any hidden expenses and to plan your finances accordingly.

How Much Does Deep Brain Stimulation Cost

How is the decision about Deep Brain Stimulation surgery made?

Deep Brain stimulation surgeries are not procedures that can be decided by a single physician. To determine whether Parkinson’s patients are suitable for surgery, we hospitalize our patients in our Deep Brain Stimulation center for a few days. During this period, our experienced movement disorder neurologists working in our center first check whether he/she is receiving the most appropriate drug treatment. We add new medications if necessary. Afterwards, detailed tests are applied to our patients by our neurologists to measure the degree of Parkinson’s disease during the drug and drug free periods, that is, during the closed and open periods. Based on the results of these tests, we decide whether the patient is neurologically suitable for surgery. If we find our patients suitable for surgery, they are then subjected to a detailed examination by our psychiatrist. We also apply detailed neuropsychological tests to our patients by our neuropsychologist to evaluate their dementing or cognitive status. We perform brain MRI imaging for screening purposes on all our patients to determine whether there is a problem in the brain MRI that would prevent surgery. Again, a meticulous preliminary examination is carried out by our anesthesiologist to rule out any condition that may hinder the surgery. At the end of this process, which takes approximately 3 days, we find our patients suitable for brain stimulation surgery or not, by the joint decision of the neurologists, brain and nerve surgeons, psychiatrists and neuropsychologists we work with in our center. We inform our patients who are suitable for surgery about our evaluation results and explain in detail the possible healing effects and possible risks of the surgery. If they accept brain stimulation treatment, we make a surgery appointment for a reasonable period of time and discharge them with the necessary recommendations. We explain the reasons for this decision to our patients who we find unsuitable for surgery, arrange their medication, make a follow up appointment with the necessary recommendations and send them home.


What should be the expectations from Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment?

Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment is a very effective method in patients who are deemed suitable for this surgery as a result of the tests. The results are satisfactory, especially for patients with complaints such as tremors, freezing, stiffness, slowness of movement and involuntary movements. First of all, patients are freed from the limited situation in their daily lives. In patients who are sedentary for most of the day, the periods we call off periods are considerably shorter. This provides patients with a significant amount of freedom in their lives. We can also reduce the medication doses they use after surgery. Thus, patients are freed from the known side effects of Parkinson’s drugs. However, there are a few important things that patients and their relatives should know. Brain stimulation treatment is not a treatment that completely stops Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, the disease continues to progress over the years. But still, the best treatment for suitable patients today is the brain pacemaker method. This view has been proven many times by scientific studies. Comparative scientific studies, especially with patients receiving drug therapy, have shown the superiority of brain stimulation treatment. In other words, deep brain stimulation applications have actually become a patient right for patients who are found suitable for this treatment.

Before Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

After Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Recovery and life after Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery involves several significant steps.

By choosing Istanbul, Turkey, for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, patients can benefit from the city’s commitment to patient care, both immediately after surgery and in the long term.

Remember to discuss all aftercare procedures with your medical team in Istanbul to ensure a smooth transition into everyday life with your new DBS device. With the right preparations and support, patients can look forward to a significant improvement in their quality of life.

After Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in Turkey

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Deep Brain Stimulation in Turkey FAQ

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As with any surgery, there are risks; however, DBS has been practiced for many years and has a strong safety profile when performed by experienced surgeons.

Treatment can be effective in controlling symptoms and improving patients’ quality of life. It may be preferred in patients who do not respond to medications or have side effects.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and other neurological conditions may qualify for DBS when medications are not effective.

Yes, international patients can access DBS services in Istanbul. The city is a medical tourism destination offering a variety of services to foreign patients, including language support, assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements, and assistance in obtaining medical visas when necessary. As International Plus, we have international departments to ensure that our patients coming from abroad have a problem-free experience.

Istanbul, Turkey is renowned for its advanced medical facilities and experienced neurosurgeons who specialize in Deep Brain Stimulation. It offers cutting-edge technology and treatment protocols at a cost which is often more affordable compared to Western countries. Additionally, the hospitality and aftercare provided in Istanbul can complement a patient’s recovery process, with many hospitals offering comprehensive care packages designed for international patients.

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a surgical procedure used to treat a variety of neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and dystonia. In Istanbul, Turkey, this procedure involves the implantation of a medical device called a neurostimulator, which sends electrical impulses through implanted electrodes to specific targets in the brain. These impulses can help manage symptoms by modulating abnormal brain activity. The procedure is carried out by specialized neurosurgeons and involves careful planning for precise electrode placement.

The success rates of Deep Brain Stimulation procedures in Istanbul are very promising, with many patients experiencing significant improvements in their symptoms. However, the success rate can vary based on the condition being treated, the patient’s overall health, and the expertise of the surgical team. Istanbul’s neurosurgical centers adhere to international standards and are often staffed by physicians with global experience and training, which contributes to the high success rates reported. Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment It is managed under the leadership of Prof. Ersoy KOCABICAK MD PhD Neurosurgeon.

Treatment may be preferred in patients who cannot recover adequately with other methods or who do not respond to medications.

Deep Brain Stimulation in Turkey Reviews

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