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Beard Transplant

Strong and Stylish Beards: With Beard Transplant !

What is Beard Transplant?

Are you suffering from a lack of facial hair? Searching for the best beard transplant center in Turkey? International Plus facial hair transplant center in Turkey offers the best beard transplantation in Turkey. In a facial hair transplant, hair grafts in the back of the head are surgically transplanted into facial regions where beard growth is uneven or sparse. To create a fuller, more defined, dense beard, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and inserted into the beard and mustache region using sophisticated techniques like SAPPHIRE, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

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What is Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant in Turkey Process

Duration of Treatment
5-8 Hours
Stay in Istanbul
3 Days
Socially Acceptable
1 Week

Beard Transplant in istanbul,Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey, Beard Transplant services stand out with the expertise and quality of our company. As the importance of a beard for men continues to rise, our expert teams provide modern and effective beard transplant solutions.

Our company prioritizes patient satisfaction with highly qualified surgeons and an experienced team. The beard transplant procedures, conducted using the latest technology in our state of the art facilities, offer natural and lasting results to our patients.

The allure of Istanbul in medical tourism provides an opportunity our patients to explore this enchanting city while receiving world class service. Our goal is not only to provide patients with beard transplant services but also to offer them a chance to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of Istanbul.

By choosing Istanbul for your beard transplant needs, you can enjoy quality service and value with our company, adding elegance to your style.


Why Choose Us for Beard Transplant Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

At International Plus organization, we are experts in offering Istanbul, Turkey, superior beard transplant care. The most recent tools and methods are employed by our team of highly qualified surgeons to guarantee natural looking results and patient satisfaction. We provide each patient with individualized treatment plans, in depth consultations and a cozy setting for their beard restoration process. Proven quality of International Plus organization in hair transplantation makes us the best beard transplant center in Turkey.

Why Choose Us for Beard Transplant Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

Advantages of Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant emerges as a popular solution among men, and our company takes the lead in this trend by offering unique advantages. This aesthetic procedure fills sparse or empty areas in the beard, providing a fuller and more sculpted appearance.

Our Beard Transplant service is conducted by expert surgeons using modern techniques, ensuring natural and long lasting results. Customers find a reliable environment with our company, tailored to meet their aesthetic expectations with personalized solutions.

Advantages of Beard Transplant include a rapid recovery process, minimally invasive procedures, and a custom designed beard texture that complements the individual’s facial features. Additionally, our organization provides the privilege of working with an experienced team throughout the process to ensure comfort and confidence.

With our professional approach and patient focused service, Beard Transplant offers to patients customers an excellent opportunity to express their personal styles and enhance their confidence.

Advantages of Beard Transplant

How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost?

The utilized technique, the scope of the operation and the center selected all affect how much a beard transplant costs. At International Plus organization, we provide beard transplant techniques at affordable prices without sacrificing effectiveness or quality.

How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost

Who qualifies for Beard Transplant?

Determining eligibility for a Beard Transplant is essential for individuals looking to enhance their facial hair. Our company specializes in offering this transformative solution, ensuring that those who qualify experience the numerous benefits it provides.

Candidates for Beard Transplant typically include individuals with sparse or patchy facial hair, those with scars or irregular beard growth and those seeking to improve their beard density and overall appearance. Additionally, individuals who may have experienced trauma, burns, or surgical scars impacting their beard area often find Beard Transplant to be a suitable solution.

Our expert team of surgeons evaluates each candidate’s unique situation during a comprehensive consultation. Factors such as overall health, expectations and the desired beard style are taken into account to determine eligibility. With our commitment to personalized solutions, we aim to provide a satisfactory and natural looking result for every individual seeking to qualify for a Beard Transplant with our services.

Who qualifies for Beard Transplant

Before Beard Transplant Surgery

Patients should make an appointment for a consultation with one of our doctors to go over their expectations and goals before having facial hair transplant surgery. It’s crucial to adhere to  transplant center’s pre operative recommendations, which could include avoiding specific drugs and getting the region around your beard ready for operation.

Before Beard Transplant Surgery

After Beard Transplant Surgery

You will be able to shave your facial hair with an electric shaver one month after the operation. Razor blades are prohibited to use for one year. Patients will receive detailed post operative care instructions following beard transplant surgery to guarantee appropriate recovery and the best outcomes. This could entail staying away from physically demanding activities, taking medications as directed and seeing our team for follow up visits.

After Beard Transplant Surgery

Beard Transplant Before & After

Discover the world of healthcare at International Plus! Explore the areas where our affiliated doctors provide services in our state of the art organization.


Beard Transplant in Turkey FAQ

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High quality Beard Transplant costs in Turkey vary depending on factors such as the clinic, technique used and the extent of the procedure. Generally, International Plus offers competitive pricing for the best Beard Transplant in Turkey compared to other countries.

Turkey is renowned for it is expertise in Beard and Hair Transplant procedures, including Beard Transplants. The country offers high quality treatments at affordable prices, making it a popular destination for individuals seeking effective beard restoration solutions.

Yes, Beard Transplants offer permanent results, as the transplanted hair follicles continue to grow like natural hair. With proper care and maintenance, patients can enjoy a fuller, more defined beard for the long term.

The duration of a Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey depends on factors such as the technique used and the number of grafts required. Generally, the procedure can take 8-9 hours to a full day to complete.

The number of grafts needed for a full Beard depends on factors such as the desired beard density and the size of the transplant area. On average, a full beard may require anywhere from 4500 to 5000 grafts.

For men experiencing sparse or patchy beard growth who desire a fuller, more defined beard, a Beard Transplant can be an excellent solution. It is essential to consult with a Hair Transplant specialist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Yes, with the right technique and expertise, Beard Transplants can achieve natural looking results that complement the patient facial features and style. Choosing the best Beard Transplant surgeons meticulously place transplanted hair follicles to mimic the natural growth pattern of beard hair.

Beard Transplant packages are available at International Plus which offers Hair and Beard Transplant services. International Plus in Istanbul, is a leading provider of Beard Hair Transplants in Turkey, with a team of experienced surgeons and state of the art facilities.

Good candidates for Beard Hair restoration procedures are men experiencing sparse or patchy beard growth who desire a fuller, more defined beard. Ideal candidates should have sufficient hair follicles from the donor hair, good overall health and realistic expectations about achieving the beard results.

Patients typically need to allocate at least a few days for their Beard Transplant procedure in Turkey. This allows for pre operative consultations, the procedure itself and initial recovery time before returning home. It is essential to follow post operative care instructions provided by the clinic for optimal results.

Beard Transplant in Turkey Reviews

Dive into firsthand narratives of transformative Beard Transplant experiences in Turkey. Uncover genuine reviews highlighting the expertise of our doctors and the satisfaction of our patients. Begin your trip to Istanbul excellence through the shared stories of others.

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