Face Fat Injection

Face Fat injection procedure is to eliminate facial wrinkles and sagginess that cause the face to look tired and old. Face Fat injection results will remove these problems for a long time and it will increase your confidence about how your face looks. And since the face is a sensitive area you should choose your surgeon and -International Plus- wisely.

International Plus provides you with a well-rounded team of doctors that will ensure you the best treatment and to ensure the best results after the operation.


Face Fat Injection Before & After

International Plus Aesthetic doctors have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and years of experience within the aesthetics. For this reason, you can get the most successful results.

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When you can do Face Fat Injection ?

Apart from the personal reasons for people to have the perfect facial structure, other physical factors lead to do Face fat Injection. Some of these factors are:

  • Facial Disproportion.
  • Facial Etches and wounds.
  • Large amount of sagging and wrinkles.
  • To eliminate tired and old appearance.
  • Invisible cheekbones.
  • Black spots under the eye.

And the doctors will consider every factor led to Face Fat Injection and it will receive its proper treatment.

What you should do before Face Fat Injection ?

Here are Important instructions you should follow before the operation: 

  • The patient should inform the doctors about all the medication consumed.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided 2 or 3 weeks before the operation.
  • Aspirin, vitamins, and other supplements should be avoided one week before the operation.
  • Antidepressants and weight loss bills should be avoided three weeks before the operation
  • If you suffer from any chronic diseases you should ask your doctor about stopping the medication for a specific period.

And all the examinations regarding the Face fat injection will be conducted by the doctors to ensure patient health.

During Face Fat Injection

Fat Injection is a simple procedure. The patient will be under Local anesthesia Without any incisions or scars. The Fat will be taken from one of the patient’s donor areas (buttocks, arms, legs, or abdomen) area to be transferred to the target area. International Plus doesn’t add fat from outside sources to avoid infection. The operation takes about thirty minutes to an hour. And the patient doesn’t have to stay in the -International Plus- after the operation.

After Face Fat Injection

For the best results and personal health multiple instructions should be followed after the operation:

  • Talking the medications prescribed by the doctors on the regular.
  • Don’t apply Make-up to the operation area the first days after the operation.
  • Try to wear cloth that will not have contact with the operation area.
  • Avoid heavy physical activities during the first week of the operation.
  • Smoking and Alcohol should be avoided.
  • Avoid steam showers after the first days of the operation.
  • Apply cold compress on the operation area after the first week of the operation.

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popular question

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Eyes, cheeks, lips and chin can be fat injected.

Since the operation is not a surgical procedure the recovery compared is short compared to the other surgeries.

The procedure is done under local anesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain during the operation.

Yes, you can apply makeup after 5 days of the operation.

Turkey has proven it is strength in combing economic prices and excellent quality and results in the cosmetics field.

Not at all, International Plus combines the quality and economical prices in the same place, You can contact us for more information about the price of the operation.