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Breast Lift

Rise to Confidence with Breast Lift!

What is Breast Lift?

A breast lift or mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgery addressing sagging breasts by removing excess skin and tightening surrounding tissue. Common after life events like pregnancy and aging, women seek this procedure in Istanbul, Turkey, aiming to rejuvenate their figure without a significant change in breast size. The surgery involves anesthesia, precise incisions around the areola and breast crease, lifting and reshaping of breast tissue, repositioning of the nipple and areola and removal of excess skin. Istanbul is a preferred destination for breast lifts, offering expertise, high quality medical care and cost effectiveness. Women opt for this procedure not just for aesthetic enhancement but also for the psychological benefits, experiencing a renewed sense of confidence and uplift.

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What Are Breast Lift

Breast Lift in Turkey Process

Duration of Treatment
2-3 Hours
Stay in Istanbul
7 Days
Socially Acceptable
1 Week

Breast Lift in Istanbul,Turkey

Exploring the transformative journey of cosmetic surgery, the allure of a breast lift in Istanbul, Turkey, stands out as a beacon of rejuvenation for many. This ancient city, bridging the East and the West, has become a modern hub for individuals seeking not just historical richness, but also state of the art medical care. Whether you are looking to restore your youthful contours or find confidence in your silhouette, understanding what a breast lift entails and the advantages it offers is essential. Moreover, considering the expertise available, the cost effectiveness and the personalized care provided in Istanbul, it’s no wonder that this procedure has gained immense popularity. Join us as we unfold the tapestry of benefits and insights related to getting a breast lift in this vibrant metropolis.


Why Choose Us for Breast Lift Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

Consider Istanbul, Turkey for your breast lift and embrace a transformative journey with compelling reasons to choose our services. International Plus organization has a staff of internationally trained and experienced world class plastic surgeons who provide the highest standard of care and expertise in the latest Breast Lift techniques. Our organizations and contracted hospitals have state of the art facilities equipped with the latest technology, ensuring a safe, modern environment that complies with stringent health and safety regulations. Enjoy the significant advantage of affordability without compromise as we offer competitive pricing while maintaining service quality and medical team expertise. From initial consultation to post operative follow ups, experience personalized care to meet your unique desires and concerns. Our organization prioritizes privacy and comfort, providing a tranquil environment for your recovery. Beyond its medical aspect, Istanbul offers a cultural, historical and entertainment experience, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Turkey before or after your procedure.

Why Choose Us for Breast Lift Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

Advantages of Breast Lift

A breast lift, medically known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that raises and reshapes sagging breasts, offering not only an improved physical appearance but also numerous psychological benefits. Here are some compelling advantages of undergoing a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey:

  • Restoration of Youthful Contour: As women age, their breasts can lose elasticity and volume, resulting in a drooping appearance. A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure by restoring the breasts’ youthful contour and firmness, providing you with a more youthful silhouette.
  • Improved Comfort and Confidence: Carrying extra weight in the chest area can cause discomfort and pain. By lifting and reshaping the breasts, any physical discomfort is often alleviated and the result can significantly boost self confidence and body image.
  • Better Posture: Heavy, pendulous breasts can pull you forward, leading to poor posture. After a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey, the lighter feel of the breasts can contribute to an improved posture.
  • Long Lasting Results: Advances in surgical techniques have made the results of breast lifts longer lasting, ensuring that patients can enjoy their new look for many years to come.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to other countries, Turkey offers high quality medical services at a fraction of the cost, allowing patients to save on healthcare costs without compromising on quality.

Choosing to undergo a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey can offer a transformative experience, not just for your body, but for your overall well being.

Advantages of Breast Lift

How Much Does Breast Lift Cost?

Embarking on the journey of a breast lift is a significant decision and at our esteemed organization in Istanbul, Turkey, we strive to make it a blend of quality and affordability. The cost of a breast lift can vary, considering factors unique to each individual, such as the intricacy of the procedure and our clinic’s renowned reputation. Istanbul stands as a cost effective option without compromising excellence, offering cutting edge medical facilities and skilled plastic surgeons. Our transparent approach ensures that the overall cost includes pre operative consultations, post operative follow ups and any necessary tests or garments. Experience comprehensive packages that encompass accommodation and transportation, enhancing the overall affordability of your transformative experience. For a personalized understanding of the costs associated with a breast lift at our organization, we encourage direct consultation. Trust us to provide not just a service but a journey tailored to your distinct needs.

How Much Does Breast Lift Cost

Who Qualifies for Breast Lift?

When considering a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey, it’s crucial to know if the procedure is the right fit for you. Ideal candidates for a breast lift, or mastopexy, typically include individuals who are experiencing:

  • Sagging breasts: A common issue due to aging, weight loss, or post pregnancy changes.
  • Loss of skin elasticity: Which can lead to breasts that appear deflated or pendulous.
  • Nipples that point downward: A lift can reposition the nipples to a more youthful position.
  • Asymmetry: If one breast is lower than the other, a lift can correct the imbalance.

However, the following factors are essential in determining eligibility for a breast lift:

  • Overall health: Candidates should be in good health, non smokers, or willing to quit smoking for a period, as smoking can impede healing.
  • Realistic expectations: A clear and realistic understanding of what the surgery can and cannot accomplish.
  • Weight stability: Individuals should be at a stable weight, as significant weight fluctuations can affect the outcome.
  • Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding: These conditions can significantly alter breast size and shape.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Embarking on the journey of a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey can be both exciting and nerve racking. As you prepare for this transformative procedure, understanding the primary steps to take before surgery is crucial. With a renowned reputation for cosmetic excellence, Istanbul provides state of the art facilities and expert surgeons, making it an ideal location for your breast lift. Here are essential pre operative considerations to ensure you are thoroughly prepared:

  • Medical Evaluation: Your surgeon will request a comprehensive medical assessment to confirm your fitness for surgery. This may include blood tests, mammograms and discussing your medical history to avoid any potential complications.
  • Medication Review: Be transparent about any medications or supplements you’re taking.
  • Quit Smoking: Smoking can hinder the healing process. It’s highly recommended to quit smoking at least a few weeks in advance of your breast lift procedure to promote better recovery and outcomes.
  • Arrange Support: Post surgery, you will need someone to drive you home and assist you for at least the first 24 hours. It is vital to plan this in advance to avoid any last minute hassles.
  • Pre Surgical Instructions: Follow all pre operative instructions given by your surgeon. These may include guidelines on eating, drinking and washing with special antiseptic soap to minimize the risk of infection.
Before Breast Lift Surgery

After Breast Lift Surgery

Recovering from a Breast Lift in Istanbul, Turkey is generally straightforward when you adhere to the post surgery guidelines. First and foremost, it’s critical to understand what to expect in the aftermath of your procedure.

  • Here’s what your recovery may look like:
    Immediate Post Operative Phase: Initially, you will be placed in a recovery area where your health will be monitored. Istanbul’s world class facilities ensure you receive optimal care.
  • Pain Management: Some discomfort is expected, but pain medication can help manage this. You should use medications under the supervision of a doctor. In Istanbul, your medical team will advise you on the best pain management approach.
  • Wound Care: Proper care of incisions is crucial. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions. Typically, this involves keeping the area clean and dry and monitoring for any signs of infection.
  • Support Garments: Wearing a support bra is often recommended. It aids in reducing swelling and supports the new breast shape.
  • Activity Restrictions: To enable healing, you’ll be advised to avoid strenuous activities. Most patients can return to work within a week, but every case is unique.
  • Follow up Appointments: Regular check up are scheduled to ensure your breasts are healing as expected. Your follow ups will likely be with the esteemed surgeons in Istanbul who performed your surgery.
After Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Before & After

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Breast Lift in Turkey FAQ

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Typically, recovery can take 2-4 weeks, during which strenuous activities should be avoided.

Many clinics in Istanbul cater to international patients and offer services in English to ensure clear communication.

Istanbul combines quality surgical expertise with affordable prices often significantly less than in many Western countries.

Yes, Istanbul has numerous well trained, experienced surgeons who often hold both national and international accreditations.

It is recommended to stay at least 7-10 days post surgery for initial recovery and follow up consultation.

A breast lift also known as mastopexy is a surgical procedure designed to raise and firm the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. It is suitable for women who are suffering from sagging breasts due to various factors such as aging, gravity, weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ideal candidates are generally those who are physically healthy, maintain a stable weight and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery.

Istanbul, Turkey has become a popular destination for medical tourism, including cosmetic surgery procedures like breast lifts, due to several reasons. These include the availability of highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons state of the art medical facilities and the cost effectiveness of the procedures. Additionally, patients often have the benefit of combining their medical treatment with the opportunity to explore a city rich in history and culture.

Recovery from a Breast Lift surgery varies from patient to patient but generally takes around two to four weeks for initial recovery with complete healing taking a few months. Patients are usually advised to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for at least four to six weeks post surgery. Specific aftercare instructions may include wearing a support bra taking prescribed medications and attending follow up appointments with the surgeon. It is important to follow the surgeons personalized aftercare plan to ensure the best possible results and reduce the risk of complications.

As with any surgery there are potential risks associated with Breast Lift procedures. These can include infection, bleeding, scarring, changes in breast sensation, dissatisfaction with the results and complications related to anesthesia. Patients should discuss these risks in depth with their chosen surgeon in Istanbul and ensure they fully understand both the benefits and potential complications before proceeding with the surgery.

The cost of a Breast Lift in Istanbul can vary widely based on the surgeon’s experience, the complexity of the procedure and the facility chosen. Generally, the cost is more affordable in Istanbul compared to many Western countries, which is a key factor for many international patients. Typically, cosmetic procedures like Breast Lift are not covered by insurance as they are considered elective surgeries. Patients should consult with their chosen clinic for a detailed quote and explore all costs involved, including potential expenses for travel and accommodation.

Breast Lift in Turkey Reviews

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