Dental Implant Surgery

Teeth that has got to exist within the mouth throughout human life is also lost because of insufficient care, genetic factors resulting caries or gum disease. As a results of these losses, gaps occur within the mouth and therefore the chewing function begins to interrupt. Although movable prostheses provides chewing to a degree, bring along discomfort and aesthetic problems. Bridge systems cause whether or not a touch damage to the teeth used as abutment as a results of some extent of etching. Implant systems have emerged to interchange lost teeth thanks to these negative reasons. Implant may be a titanium screw system wont to make prosthesis on teeth. Dental implants placed within the jawbone function a complex body part. In single tooth deficiencies, it’s possible to finish incomplete teeth without touching neighboring healthy teeth, still as using dental prostheses rather than movable prostheses in multiple tooth deficiencies.It takes about 10-15 minutes to do each implant surgery.

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Dental Implant Before & After

International Plus dentists  have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and years of experience within the dentistry. For this reason, you can get the most successful results.

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Implant Surgery In Turkey

The fact that implant surgery treatment prices are very high in many European countries puts patients in search of cheaper and quality treatment abroad. As International Plus, we also offer a treatment at European and USA standards to our patients coming from abroad under much more economical conditions in Turkey. As a note, implant procedure has been performing in Turkey for many years.

Before Dental Implant Surgery

Before The Implants Surgery, Our Professional Implant Surgery Dentist will examine the teeth carefully. With X-RAY scan, the doctor will examine the gum, the nerves, and therefore the jaw’s structure. If sufficient bone cannot be detected in the examination, implants can be placed first after creating bone substructure with additional procedures. Then you’ll start the operation. It is possible to undergo the operation after tooth extraction within the same day or later. Additionally, smoking affects the operation negatively, the patient should stop smoking before the operation and after it.

During Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey contains two stages. Within the first stage, the doctor will make an incision within the gum then place the basis within the jaw. After this step, you must wait until the roots harmonize with jawbones. After this, the substitute teeth are implanted by binding or pasting. This surgery is finished under anesthesia. Counting on the number of implanted teeth, the operation takes about 10-15 minutes for every tooth.

After Dental Implant Surgery

You dont need to stay at the -International Plus- after the surgery. But, all the patients should remember these points: Patients should use medicines and antibiotics and follow the doctor’s instructions. Chewing could be light for one or two days. This can be normal and ends in a very short period.Don’t chew using the implanted teeth for a pair of days after the operation. Also, don’t eat rigid foods. After having Dental Implants, be sure of mouth and teeth hygiene to urge a healthy healing process. Dental implants are the last modern technologycally advanged and longest enduring tooth replacement option. Restore your self confidence and enjoy your  BRILLIANT SMILE.

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All on 4 Dental Implants are used for full mouth restorations for multiple teeth losses.The All On 4 implant technique is a procedure to fix the identical day dental prosthesis on four titanium dental implants which are placed at certain angles in patients with edentulous patients. These new technology implants are a quick and easy solution that make replacing a full set of teeth a pain-free reality.


  • Provides the chance to create a set tooth prosthesis with one surgical operation on the identical day.
  • The operation is simpler since no further surgical procedures like sinus upgrade surgery or bone addition are performed.
  • The duration of implant surgery is shorter.
  • A personalised, good looking appearance and a laughing line provide a smile aesthetics.
  • Patients who receive All-on-4 treatments find yourself with an entire set of natural-looking teeth connected securely and comfortably in their mouth, enabling them to enjoy all their favourite foods, and a good sort of food and drink, without worry.
  • One of the major benefit of the treatment is the results are permanent.

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Making dental implants at European standards and affordable prices in Turkey, it is the most important factor in Turkey's selected.

It is possible to apply implants to any person with sufficient bone ratio and good bone density.

You should discuss all relevant risks, benefits and alternative solutions with your dentist and go for the option that is most suitable for you.

Yes, the implanted tooth does not differ in appearance from the normal tooth.

Of course, you can but Many studies have proven that smoking complicates bone integration with the implant.

All on four technique implants can be done in one day.