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The Foundation of Smiles is Healthy Gums: We Are Periodontologists !

What is Periodontology?

Periodontology is a very important specialty when it comes to dental health. Essentially, periodontology is a branch of dentistry that studies the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the periodontium (the structures that support the teeth, including the gums, alveolar bone, cementum and periodontal ligament).

Professional care in this area is crucial, as periodontal diseases can lead to serious complications, including tooth loss and are linked to systemic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Periodontologists in Istanbul, Turkey are renowned for their expertise and use of advanced technologies, especially in the treatment of gum disease and the placement of dental implants. Achieve quality with International Plus!

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What Are Periodontology

Periodontology in Turkey Process

Local, Sedation
Duration of Treatment
1 Hour
Stay in Istanbul
5 Day
Socially Acceptable
1 Week

Periodontology in Istanbul,Turkey

Are you in search of periodontology treatment in Istanbul? Our International Plus organization has a superior position in the field of periodontology with its expert team and use of advanced technology. We employ advanced dental technologies, such as 3D imaging, for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of periodontal diseases. Creating personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual needs of our patients, we also provide education on maintaining healthy gums. Istanbul, rich in culture, enhances the treatment experience with its historic atmosphere. With our multilingual staff, we ensure clear communication and offer comprehensive support post treatment. Positioned as a cost effective choice in Istanbul’s competitive healthcare sector, we believe that our organization is the right choice for periodontology treatment, providing high quality care at competitive prices.


Why Choose Us for Periodontology Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

Our distinguished team of periodontal specialists, with extensive experience and continuous training, guarantees top tier care. Leveraging advanced dental technology, including 3D imaging, we provide precise diagnostics and effective treatment. Our commitment to personalized care involves tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, addressing concerns and emphasizing patient education. Istanbul, a captivating city rich in culture, complements your dental journey, offering a fulfilling experience beyond treatment. Our multilingual staff ensures clear communication and post treatment, we provide comprehensive aftercare support. Affordability meets quality in Istanbul’s competitive healthcare market. Focusing on periodontal health, International Plus stands out for its expertise, advanced technology and patient centered approach, making it an ideal choice for those seeking periodontology treatment in Istanbul, Turkey.


Advantages of Periodontology

Periodontology, focusing on the health of teeth supporting structures like gums and bones, presents numerous advantages, especially when opting for treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul features highly skilled periodontists proficient in cutting edge techniques. Cost effectiveness is a notable benefit, providing quality care at lower prices compared to the US or Europe. The city’s clinics leverage advanced technology, ensuring global standards in medical infrastructure. Reduced wait times cater to urgent periodontal cases. Comprehensive care involves personalized approaches, extending beyond the technical procedure. Istanbul’s appeal extends to dental tourism, offering a unique blend of historical and cultural exploration. Choosing Istanbul for periodontal treatment combines top tier medical care with a memorable getaway, aligning with the city’s reputation for quality and affordable periodontology.

Advantages of Periodontology

How Much Does Periodontology Cost?

When considering Periodontology in Istanbul, Turkey, one of the most pressing questions for patients is the cost. Prices can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the procedure and the expertise of the periodontist.

What makes Periodontology in Istanbul, Turkey attractive is not just the affordability but also the quality of care. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider that these costs often include comprehensive care packages, which may consist of initial consultations, follow up visits and sometimes even accommodation. In summary, Periodontology in Istanbul, Turkey offers considerable savings without sacrificing quality.

How Much Does Periodontology Cost

Who Qualifies for Periodontology?

Periodontology in Istanbul, Turkey, caters to diverse individuals with specific dental needs. Ideal candidates for periodontal treatments include those facing gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, characterized by symptoms like swelling and bleeding gums. Patients with receding gums, exposing tooth roots, can benefit from procedures enhancing gum coverage to address sensitivity and prevent decay. Individuals requiring dental implants for tooth loss often seek a periodontist’s expertise, ensuring proper jawbone preparation. Those with a family history of gum problems or systemic conditions like diabetes or heart disease may also find essential care in periodontology. Istanbul’s approach integrates advanced technology and expert periodontists, emphasizing prevention and tailored treatment for optimal oral health. An initial consultation is advisable to assess individual circumstances and determine the suitability of periodontal care.


Before Periodontology Surgery

Embarking on periodontology treatment can be a significant step towards improving your oral health. Before undergoing surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, a renowned hub for dental expertise, there are several key preparations and considerations that patients need to be aware of.

Firstly, it’s essential to have a comprehensive dental examination. Your periodontist in Istanbul will evaluate your dental and medical history, perform a thorough oral exam and may request x-ray or 3D images to determine the extent of periodontal disease. This will help to tailor a personalized treatment plan that suits your exact needs.

Secondly, patients need to discuss their current medications with the specialist. Certain drugs can influence the surgery and healing process, so it’s crucial to determine the best course of action, adjusting medication if necessary.

Before Periodontology Surgery

After Periodontology Surgery

Recovery from periodontology surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, is a critical phase requiring careful adherence to post operative instructions. Managing pain with prescribed medications or over the counter options, along with applying ice packs to reduce swelling, is common. Controlling expected bleeding involves gentle pressure with a damp gauze pad. Dietary adjustments, including soft foods and adequate hydration, contribute to a smoother recovery. Oral hygiene practices, such as gentle brushing and flossing, coupled with prescribed antiseptic rinses, help maintain cleanliness around the treated area. Limiting physical activity and attending follow up appointments are crucial for minimizing complications and ensuring optimal healing.

International Plus periodontists prioritize providing clear instructions and support to promote a positive healing experience. Effective post operative care contributes to the long term success of periodontal treatments, enhancing both oral health and overall well being. Communicating any concerns promptly ensures personalized care in Istanbul’s esteemed periodontology services.

After Periodontology Surgery

Gummy Smile

“Gummy Smile” refers to a condition where an individual’s gum tissue appears more prominently than usual when smiling. This phenomenon exposes a larger area of the gums surrounding the upper teeth, impacting the visual proportion of the teeth. Due to aesthetic concerns, many seek to address Gummy Smile. Dentists offer various treatment options to reduce the visibility of gum tissue during a smile. These options include aesthetic dental surgery, Botox injections and orthodontic interventions. These treatments aim to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile, enhancing an individual’s confidence.”


Periodontology Before & After

International Plus dentists have in depth knowledge of anatomy and years of experience within the dentistry.


Periodontology in Turkey FAQ

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In recent years, Turkey has become one of the world’s top destinations for quality dental treatment. This is because getting dental treatment in Turkey can often be 50-70% cheaper than in the UK or North America. In addition, the high standard of dental care provided by Turkish clinics and hospitals is on par with clinics in the West. Periodontology treatment involves the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. This treatment covers conditions such as gingivitis, gum recession, and gum surgery. Periodontology treatment prices in Turkey may vary depending on the clinic and treatment method.

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that studies the health of the gums and soft tissues surrounding the teeth. Periodontal diseases include problems such as gingivitis (gingivitis) and gingival recession (periodontitis). In Turkey, periodontology is preferred for the treatment of such gum problems. Periodontology helps prevent tooth loss by maintaining gum health. It also performs procedures such as bone grafts and sinus lifts to create a suitable jawbone structure for dental implants. Periodontologists in Turkey are experienced specialists who are trained in accordance with international standards and offer advanced treatments. Therefore, Turkey is a preferred destination for periodontology services.

Periodontology treatment analyzes and treats diseases of the soft tissues (periodontal ligaments and gums) and the harder bone tissues that surround and fix the teeth. This treatment lasts 4 to 5 days. Periodontal ligaments (often abbreviated PDL) are a group of connective tissue fibers that basically connect the tooth to the alveolar bone. This ligament surrounds and nourishes the teeth, covers the jawbone and securely anchors the teeth to the jaw. PDL care is as important as dental care.

A good candidate for periodontal treatment is a person who is in good general health and takes care of their oral health. Healthy gums and bone structure are important for successful periodontal treatment. Periodontology treatment combats gum disease. Therefore, people without periodontal disease are good candidates. Periodontal laser treatment is suitable for patients who want faster healing time and less pain management. Laser treatment can be used in many situations and the limited number of conditions does not preclude candidacy. It is important to remember that this information is a general overview and each individual’s situation is different. It is important to make an individual assessment with your periodontist. Don’t neglect regular dental check up for a healthy mouth!

Turkey is a country that follows strict protocols in the health sector and this is also true in the field of dentistry. Periodontology deals with gum diseases and their treatment. Dentists in Turkey are highly qualified and use modern medical equipment. Treatment processes are meticulously followed. Patients who have undergone dental treatment in Turkey share their experiences in a positive way. Successful results and satisfaction demonstrate Turkey’s commitment to dental health. As a result, periodontology treatments in Turkey are safe and provide high quality healthcare. Do not neglect regular check up to protect your dental health!

Turkey has become a preferred destination for those seeking high quality dental treatment. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, in particular, has offered many people the opportunity to have successful dental procedures at a more reasonable cost. According to Patients Beyond Borders, Turkey is one of the top 10 dental tourism destinations in America. The reason for the increase in dental tourism in Turkey is the presence of many dental clinics and centers that comply with international standards. These clinics have modern technology, are equipped with well trained dental professionals and every patient receives the highest level of dental care. Procedures such as root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental veneers and teeth whitening are performed with the utmost precision.

Periodontology treatment involves the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. This treatment aims to control gingivitis and clean gum pockets without damaging the surrounding gum tissue and jawbone. So, is periodontology treatment painful? You may feel mild discomfort or tenderness during treatment, but there is usually no significant pain. Your gums may bleed and swell after treatment, but this is temporary. We can also minimize possible pain or discomfort with the help of local anesthetics or numbing gels.

Periodontology is known as a field that studies and treats the soft tissues (periodontal ligament and gum) and the harder bone tissues that surround and stabilize the teeth. Periodontology treatment in Turkey offers many advantages. Periodontology diseases can be affected by factors such as smoking, hormonal changes, malnutrition, irregular eating habits, medication use, stress, teeth grinding (bruxism), systemic diseases such as diabetes. Treatment of these diseases is important to visit the dentist regularly and to remove bacterial dental plaque through daily oral care routines (brushing and flossing).

Periodontology is important as a field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases. However, there are also some disadvantages. The rate of systemic antibiotic prescribing among periodontologists in Turkey is quite high. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to reduce the risk of infection, especially after surgical periodontal treatment. This may lead to unnecessary use of antibiotics and contribute to the development of resistance. In conclusion, these disadvantages should be taken into consideration in order to create guidance for periodontologists in Turkey. More attention needs to be paid to antibiotic use, early diagnosis and treatment, systemic health relationship and education.

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in dental health. Their duties include preventing, diagnosing and treating gum disease. It also helps manage the symptoms of progressive gum problems. Gum disease occurs when the tissue around your teeth becomes infected, resulting in inflammation. Plaque forming bacteria that usually stick to your teeth spread below the gum line, causing this swelling. Early gum disease is called gingivitis, and you can treat it. You can keep this condition under control by keeping your mouth and teeth clean and visiting the dentist regularly. However, more advanced gum disease or periodontitis may require more extensive treatment. This is where you need to consult a periodontist. The periodontist will review your dental and medical history and perform a dental examination to determine the best treatment option. These treatment options may include both surgical and non surgical methods.

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