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International Plus

About Us

International Plus was established from scratch in 2010 with the sole purpose of providing a world class center for plastic and cosmetic surgery by SAMİLSAN SAĞLIK HİZMETLERİ TURİZM DANIŞMANLIK TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ International Plus has developed a worldwide reputation for its unique treatments and techniques. With over 15 years of experience, our talented medical experts are among the best in their respective fields. You are our priority. We are convinced that good communication between you and your surgeon is essential when planning your treatments. We offer realistic advice and the most suitable treatments for you.


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Mehmet Ali ARICI



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To be a leader in efficient time management along with service quality focused on patient satisfaction, Combining the strength derived from A+ hospitals with Turkish hospitality and ethical principles to become a benchmark company in health tourism, Paving the way for patients to safely return to their countries after treatment, Attaining the position of the most actively engaged tourism agency in achieving Turkey’s 2023 Health Tourism goals, Being a globally recognized and trustworthy organization by combining health and tourism under one roof, Being among the few agencies undertaking the promotion of health tourism in Turkey on the internet, Keeping up with information and technological innovations and implementing them.


We aim to provide effective solutions, quality service, and the opportunities offered by innovative technology to meet the needs of our patients. Our fundamental principle is to prioritize patient rights and satisfaction, providing the highest quality service within the framework of honesty rules as quickly as possible. Generating quick and professional solutions for all pre and post treatment patient organizational needs. Offering quality healthcare services to all of humanity. Being a pioneer in the preference of healthcare institutions equipped with state of the art technology. Meeting the needs of patients throughout the treatment process adequately. Ensuring a process in compliance with the patient rights law and comfortable during the treatment process. Taking preventive measures in advance for any issues that patients may encounter.

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