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How to do a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

BBL operation is one of the most performed procedures in the last decade due to the significant change in the beauty standards caused by the social media influencers and celebrities. And due to the new advanced technologies and experienced surgeons nowadays it has been affordable and more quality-based procedures. Women aim to have a perfect body to increase their own confidence in themselves. and in order to have a more attractive feminine hourglass body shape a lot of women tend to do a Brazilian butt lift and the Buttocks implants.

Fat injection BBL VS buttocks implants

The Fat injection BBL and buttocks implants procedures are sometimes mistaken as the same thing, there is an important difference. 

A Fat Injection Brazilian butt lift uses liposuction to remove fat from areas like the hips, waist or thighs. This fat is then injected into the buttocks to achieve a natural-looking outcome. Because your own fat is used in the procedure.

Butt implants can enhance the shape of the buttock and give it a rounded smooth shape, which in turn makes the body more attractive. Buttocks implants placing silicone within or above the gluteal muscles which include two muscles.

You might be a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift if you:

  1. Have lost a significant amount of weight and your butt now sags and droops.
  2. Are overweight and haven’t been able to lose weight through physical activity and changes in your diet.
  3. Are at a normal weight but want to dramatically improve the appearance of your lower body.
  4. Are at a normal weight but your skin won’t contract after liposuction due to poor elasticity related to aging.
  5. Are unhappy with the overall shape and lack of firmness of your butt.

If you are considering getting a Brazilian butt lift or Buttocks implants and would like to schedule a free consultation, contact International Plus. And we will provide you additional information prior to your appointment. Then we will determine the best way to achieve the beautiful results you desire.0

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