Platysmaplasty (Neck lifting)

Neck lifting is a simple plastic operation that usually follows the facelift surgery and it is the process of removing the extra saggy skin in the neck area in order to be consistent with the face. The sagging of the skin around the neck area comes along with the process of aging. And it usually brings down the self-esteem of women due to the unattractive outlook that the sagging cause.

In international, we provide our clients with the new advanced technologies that are used in the plastic surgery industry. So too here is some information about the Neck Lift operation to give more insight to our clients.

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Neck lifting Before & After

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Why to do Neck Lift operation

There are lots of reasons that encourage arm lift surgery and some of them are psychological factors or physical factors:

  • The neck fat is not consistent with the other facial features.
  • The neck area is saggy due to weight loss or gain·   
  • Saggy skin resulted from certain medication
  • Aging process affect the neck area

Before Neck Left operation

As every other Plastic surgery Neck Lift surgery have its details that should be considered before doing the operation and the more those guidelines are followed the higher is the success rate of the operation, some these guidelines are:

  • The patient should inform the doctors about all the medication consumed by all the past surgeries done.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol must be avoided 2 or 3 weeks before the operation.
  • If you suffer from any chronic diseases you should ask your doctor about stopping the medication for a specific period.
  • Stop using painkillers, herbal supplements, vitamins, aspirin, for 2 weeks before the operation.
  • Aspirin, vitamins, and other supplements should be avoided one week before the operation.

And all the examinations regarding the Neck Lift surgery will be conducted by the doctors to ensure patient health.

During Neck Lift surgery

After you all prepared for the operation local or general anesthesia will be conducted so the patient will not feel any pain during the operation. Antibiotics will be given to avoid any infection. After the measures will be taken based on the patient’s desire. Neck Lift procedure technics depends on the amount of sagging and the fat ratio. Some of these technics are Liposuction, Golden Threads, and as the same technic of Abdominoplasty.

Our medical advisors will provide you with detailed information about the surgery. Contact us for a free consultation. The patients may stay one night in the -International Plus- due the anesthesia effects and bandages will be around the neck area and it will be some bruises and swelling after the operation area and it is normal and it the full recovery will be in 2 to 3 days and the patients will go back to normal life after one week of the operation.

After Neck Lift surgery

After operation care is an important process to ensure the best results. So the patients should take doctor’s tips seriously for long-lasting results. So here are some essential guidelines that should be followed:

  • Do not move the head in a strong motion.
  • The blood flow should be running so avoid bending the head.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Using a medical pillow ensures the stability of the neck.
  • Wearing bigger size cloth is recommended to avoid any contact with the operation area.
  • Do not play any heavy sports the recovery period is done.
  • You will be provided a medical corset that will reduce stitches’ healing period.
  • The correct use of the medication provided.
  • Make sure the incisions in the operation area are clean.
  • Avoid the sun in the first weeks of the operation to not hurt the bruises.
  • A proper diet must be followed.  

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popular question

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You can go back to normal life after a week of the operation.  

NO, due to the currency differences  Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to do cosmetic surgery.

Neck Lift usually last 10 to 15 years depending in the surgery after-care

Saggy necks have their technics and the results are satisfying you can contact us for more pictures of our past patients.

Turkey has proven it is strength in combing economic prices and excellent quality and results in the cosmetics industry.

Yes, the patients may stay in the hospital one night after the operation.