Neck Liposuction

As any liposuction procedure Neck liposuction aim is to eliminate the fat in the neck area. This will result In a slim and smooth shape of the Neck and compatibility with the other parts of the body. It also will provide the person with more confidence. And since it is done in a neck area which is a sensitive area you should carefully choose your surgeon.

International Plus in Turkey offers an Experienced  team of doctors in the Plastic surgery field that will ensure a smooth process before, during, and after the operation.


Neck Liposuction Before & After

International Plus Aesthetic doctors have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and years of experience within the aesthetics. For this reason, you can get the most successful results.

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What are the factors to have Neck Liposuction ?

  •  Double chin.
  •  Unbalanced facial features.
  • Unrefined jawline.
  • Unattractive Neck shape.

 And the doctors will consider every factor led to Face Fat Injection and it will receive its proper treatment.

Before Neck Liposuction

You have to tell the doctor If you have done any Operations before or if you take any kind of Medicine. Your doctor will do Analysis To ensure you are suitable for the operation. The patient must be older than 18 years. Neck Liposuction doesn’t harm veins, nerves, muscles, or tissues.

There are points you have to be ensured before the operation:

  • You must plan for a healthy diet.
  • You should keep your weight stable, and do sport regularly
  • Stop smoking and alcohol for a month before the operation.
  • Avoid food for ten hours before the operation.
  • You should inform your doctor about the medications you are using regularly.
  • Stop using painkillers, herbal supplements, vitamins, aspirin, for 2 weeks before the operation.
  • By following the doctor’s instructions, you’ll speed up the recovery process.

 And all the examinations regarding the Breast Reduction operation will be conducted by the doctors to ensure patient health.


During Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction uses the Vaser technology, Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. it’s a special ultrasound technology accustomed to break down fat cells by sending out ultrasonic frequency waves. Once the fat cells are weakened, the plastic surgeon is in a position to get rid of excess fat through a suction process (the liposuction is a part of the procedure). The ultrasound technology in the Vaser liposuction procedure comes with Multiple advantages, compared to traditional liposuction procedures.

The sagging that happens within the skin after classical liposuction techniques doesn’t occur after Vaser Liposuction. Additionally, this method allows doctors to ensure perfect shaping for the skin, shoulders, and body lines. This method melts the fat cells and liquefies them, so there are not any sagging within the skin like classical liposuction techniques.

This procedure is done under Local anesthesia. It takes about thirty minutes to an hour depending on the amount of fat.  Patients don’t have to stay in the -International Plus- after the procedure.

Other cosmetic operations can be performed besides Neck Liposuction to have a compatible shape of the body. Operations like Brazilian butt lift, facelift, and breast lift.

After Neck liposuction surgery

Luckily, with this new technology, the recovery period is faster than classical liposuction surgery. And the patient can go back to his normal life shortly after the operation. And here is some guidelines and notes that should be known to ensure the best result:

  • If needed you will be provided with a corset after the surgery you should wear for 3-4 weeks after the operation and it is a special type of corset that will not appear under the cloth.
  • Shower is at least after two days after the operation
  • Special diet after the operation should be followed.
  • You can go back to normal life three days after the operation.
  • The medication prescribed by the doctors should be taken in the times specified by the doctors.
  • Avoid heavy sports the first two to three weeks after the operation.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided until the doctors approve it.

Note: There will be some swelling and tangling feelings after the operation and It is a normal outcome and you will be provided with the painkillers and it will fade away during the first days after the operation.

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The operation is done under Local anesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain during the procedure.

Yes, it is possible and it is also used in face lifting and butt lifting.

In this kind of operation, only the cells are targeted so no it is not harmful to the skin.

Turkey has proven it is strength in combining economic prices and excellent quality and results in the cosmetics field.

Not at all, International Plus combines the quality and economical prices in the same place, You can contact us for more information about the price of the operation.

After proper care, it takes 1 to 3 weeks.