Thighplasty ( Inner Thigh Lifting )

Inner thigh lifting is a procedure that usually follows weight loss or gains and it is also usually done after pregnancy due to the body changes resulted from it. And thighs touching affect people’s psychological status due to the uncomfortable feeling during walking and doing other activates.

Luckily, Inner thigh lifting is one of the simplest surgery nowadays due to the advanced technologies that are being used to operate. International Plus provides you with the best team of experienced doctors that will provide you with quality and professional treatment during all the phases of the operation. 

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Thigh Lifting Before & After

International Plus Aesthetic doctors have in-depth knowledge of anatomy, and years of experience within the aesthetics. For this reason, you can get the most successful results.

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Why Inner thigh lifting ?

Multiple reasons lead to people to do Inner thigh lifting. Some reasons like:

  • Inconsistent shape of the thighs compared to the other parts of the body.
  • Rashes resulted in thighs touching while walking.
  • The inability to find suitable cloth.
  • Extensive amount of sagging.
  • Cellulite.

And every factor is considered by our doctor and it will receive its special treatment.

Before Inner thigh Lifting

The most important person in the operation is the patients so it is very essential to consult with the patient about the expectations that are in mind. So our doctors provide free pre-operation consultation to make the patients more comfortable with the decision they made.

  • Here are some things you show know before doing an Inner thigh Lifting operation:
  • Any medication consumed should be informed to the doctors.
  • Any chronic illness should be informed to the doctors.
  • Any past surgeries should be informed to the doctors.
  • If the patient smoke or drinks alcohol should be stopped before 2 weeks of the operation.
  • Do not eat heavy meals before the day of the operation.
  • Any allergies from any medical products should be known.
  • Stop using Aspirin,  painkillers, herbal supplements, vitamins, for 1 week before the operation.

And all the examinations regarding the Breast Reduction operation will be conducted by the doctors to ensure patient health.

During Thighplasty (Inner Thigh Lifting) Surgery

After you all prepared for the operation local or general anesthesia will be conducted so the patient will not feel any pain during the operation. Antibiotics will be given to avoid any infection. After the measures will be taken based on the patient’s desire. Neck Lift procedure technics depends on the amount of sagging and the fat ratio. Some of these technics are Liposuction, Golden Threads, and as the same technic of Abdominoplasty.

Our medical advisors will provide you with detailed information about the surgery. Contact us for a free consultation. The patients may stay one night in the -International Plus- due the anesthesia effects and bandages will be around the neck area and it will be some bruises and swelling after the operation area and it is normal and it the full recovery will be in 2 to 3 days and the patients will go back to normal life after one week of the operation.

After Inner thigh Lifting

Post-surgery care is an important factor in ensuring the best results so here is some guidelines that should be taken into consideration:

  • The medication provided by doctors should be taken on the regular.
  • You will be provided with a medical corset you should wear in the times specified by the doctors.
  • Moving legs too much should be avoided after the operation.
  • Don’t sit in the same position for a long period of time.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to speed up the recovery.
  • Your legs will be raised too days after the operation.
  • Showering will be in times specified by doctors and showering should be with warm water not cold or hot.
  • You can go back to driving after 2 weeks of the operation.

Note: There will be some swelling and tangling feelings after the operation and It is a normal outcome and you will be provided with the painkillers and it will fade away during the first days after the operation.

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popular question

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Light sport can be done after one week of operation. Heavy sports should be avoided to speed up the recovery period.

Not at all, International Plus combines the quality and economical prices in the same place.

As long as the patient follows the doctor’s advice and follows a healthy diet it will be permanent.

Turkey has proven it is strength in combining economic prices and excellent quality and results in the cosmetics industry.

Yes, Most of the time liposuction is performed to ensure the natural shape of the body.

Thigh lift Procedure does not eliminate cellulite. But it will reduce the appearance of cellulite.